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Evan Grant projects the Rangers playoff roster

Evan Grant has a blog post up running down his projected playoff roster for the Rangers' first round.

I've got two primary disagreements -- one with the bench, one with the bullpen.

On the bench side, Grant has Chris Davis making the team as a late-inning defensive replacement at first base.  I just have a hard time seeing that happening...the team seems to need a pinch runner for the playoffs more than someone to come in for Mitch Moreland late with a lead, and I expect Esteban German* to end up getting that spot.

*  Yes, German wasn't called up or put on the 40 man roster until after September 1, but that doesn't matter.  The Rangers have injured players who they can use German to replace for post-season roster purposes.  If the Rangers want German on the post-season roster, he can be on the post-season roster.

On the bullpen, Grant has Dustin Nippert making the playoff roster, which I just can't see happening.  Michael Kirkman or Matt Harrison would seem to be better bets to make the roster, since they could fill Nippert's multiple inning role, while also providing the team with a matchup option late in games if they want to bring someone in to face a lefthanded hitter.