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Poll -- Who Should be the Rangers' Playoff First Baseman?

One of the weird things right now about this Rangers team is that, even though the playoffs are basically a week away, we only know who will be filling four of the nine positional player spots in the playoff lineup.

Vladimir Guerrero will be at DH, Ian Kinsler will be at 2B, Michael Young will be at 3B, and Elvis Andrus will be at shortstop. Nelson Cruz will probably be in RF, but could be in LF, and Josh Hamilton will be in either LF or CF.

But we still don't know for sure whether David Murphy or Julio Borbon or Jeff Francoeur will start in the outfield, whether Matt Treanor or Bengie Molina will start behind the plate, and what will happen at first base.

The first base situation is the most unsettled, so here's a poll question to get your input...who do you think should be the Rangers' starting playoff first baseman?

Cast your vote...