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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Scrubby lineup versus Felix Hernandez means 1 run scored, at least last night.

Anthony Andro's game story says that last night illustrated why Ron Washington is resting his regulars right now, as Andres Blanco got knocked out of the game with a ball to his thumb.

Todd Wills' game story notes that the bullpen's performance was a bright spot in yesterday's game.

Jeff Wilson says the team is still evaluating its options for the playoff roster.  With Frank Francisco apparently out of the mix for the ALDS, Mark Lowe is going to be activated today and will appear in a couple of games before the season ends, so the Rangers can decide if he is a viable option to replace Frankie.

T.R. Sullivan's notes this morning include a Josh Hamilton and Frank Francisco update and discussion of the playoff roster.

Andro's notes mention that Hamilton may play this weekend, and also discusses the recall of Doug Mathis, who the Rangers brought back up to the majors to give them an extra arm in the bullpen for the final week.

Sullivan has a lengthy story up that takes a look at how this Rangers team was built, and the Rangers' view that there is still work for them to do.

Gil Lebreton has a column up on the Rangers' new TV deal, and why the numbers make sense for both the Rangers and Fox Sports Southwest.