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DMN Commenter Comment of the Day

The DMN Rangers site had a chat with Evan Grant recently, and is running some excerpts from that chat session. This sequence of questions includes Evan's criticisms of Cristian Guzman, which led to this brilliant comment from one of the commenters over there:


11:36 PM on September 28, 2010

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All four trades Daniels made before the deadline have been disappointments, in particular the trade for Guzman. While the Rangers needed assistance at first base, catcher, and in the starting rotation, the deal for Guzman was inexplicable. Kinsler was only going to be on the DL for 15 games and Blanco and Arias could have filled in for him while he was out. Plus, they had a guy like German in AAA. Daniels couldn’t help himself and ended up giving away two good young pitchers in Tatusko and Roark for Guzman.

I was against all four of these trades based on the talent Daniels gave up and repeatedly have expressed this since these trades were made. They got nothing from Guzman, very little to nothing from Cantu, a minimal contribution from Molina, and average starts from Lee. Daniels is not the GM many Rangers fans believe him to be. He benefited from acquiring some nice young talent when he moved veterans like Tex and Gagne, but the credit for those trades should really be given to the scouting department, not Daniels. Daniels has shown during his time as GM when it comes to trading young players away for veterans he doesn’t have a clue as to what he is doing. He gave up a king’s ransom for Lee. He gave up a talented young pitching prospect and solid bullpen guy for a veteran catcher that for all intensive purposes is on his way out. He gave away four good young pitching prospects for Cantu and Guzman. None of these four players will be with the Rangers next year and after all of his trades this team is still behind the Yankees, Rays, and Twins.

If another organization offers Daniels a GM position, don’t be disappointed when he leaves. He’s easily replaceable. If they can keep the scouting department intact and bring in a GM that emphasizes strong player development from within the organization, then this organization will be fine. All organizations should build from within and supplement their roster through nice free agency pickups and smart trades. The Rangers need a GM that values the players the scouting department finds and a GM that doesn’t overpay in trades as Daniels has shown a history of doing.

Truly brilliant analysis there.