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Former Ranger Farmhand Mike Nickeas to the Majors

So I'm scanning Yahoo's MLB page, and I see this blurb in the transactions section:

M. Nickeas, NYM, C Purchased from minor

For those who don't remember, way back when, Mike Nickeas was thought to be the Rangers' catcher of the future.  He was a 5th round draft pick in the 2004 draft who turned heads quickly in short-season ball after signing.  In the 2004-05 offseason and in 2005 spring training, you heard a ton of buzz about Nickeas.

Nickeas was fast-tracked by the organization, starting the 2005 season at AA.  That sort of jump is rare for any but upper-first-rounders, and Nickeas couldn't handle it, failing to hit, getting hurt, and ultimately flaming out in the Ranger system before being dealt to the Mets for Victor Diaz in August, 2006.

The Rangers pretty clearly mishandled him, and it has been suggested that rushing him crippled his career, but he's had a pretty nice season this year in AA for the Mets.  He's likely been added to the 40 man roster to provide the Mets with a third catcher for the final month, but one would guess he'll end up appearing in a major league game, which isn't bad for a fifth rounder whose original organization gave up on him about two years after he was drafted.