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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

I don't have much to say about yesterday's game. 

Jeff Wilson's game story is a discussion of what is wrong with Colby Lewis.  Lewis and Ron Washington both say it isn't an issue of fatigue, with Washington saying that Lewis just wasn't locating his pitches.

T.R. Sullivan, in his game story, also focuses on Lewis's struggles, talking about how the Rangers have lost his last nine starts. 

Before yesterday, however, Lewis had been pitching fine during that losing streak.  Yesterday's game throws his ERA out of whack during that period, but prior to yesterday, Lewis had a sub-4 ERA during the losing streak.

Richard Durrett has his post-game thoughts up at ESPN Dallas.

Meanwhile, Wilson's notes provide more bad news for the Rangers, as Josh Hamilton is expected to be out until Tuesday with sore ribs he injured running into the centerfield wall yesterday, and Cliff Lee is expected to miss his Tuesday start.

Sullivan's notes talk about Elvis Andrus sitting today with hamstring issues, Ian Kinsler's ankle benefitting from his time off, and Jeff Francoeur's decision years back to sign with the Braves rather than play college football, among other things.

And Jeff Wilson has a Q&A up with Jon Daniels.