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Labor Day Rangers things

A pretty awful series in Minnesota ends in an absolutely ridiculous fashion. 

Both Jeff Wilson's game story and T.R. Sullivan's game story focus on the disputed interference call at third base that ended the game, and both stories quote the section of the rule book that seems to indicate that the umpires simply didn't know the rule, as Tim Tschida said after the game that any contact means an automatic out. 

Jon Daniels is apparently contacting the MLB offices today to get an explanation as to the rule, and what exactly happened yesterday.

Evan Grant offers his thoughts on the weekend's series and the disputed call.

And the imbroglio even made the lead of this morning's Buster Olney column, with Olney saying that the umps blew the call, and that MLB needs to clarify the rule.

Sullivan mentions in his notes that Rich Harden will be staying in the rotationbullpen, rather than replacing Cliff Lee on Tuesday for a spot start, and suggests that Esteban German may be getting called up to join the Rangers.

Wilson's notes have updates on the injuries to Josh Hamilton, Cliff Lee, and Elvis Andrus.

Gil Lebreton has a column urging fans not to panic.  He also talks about the disputed call, and points out that TV replays show that Alfonso Marquez was looking at third base, not Michael Young or Dave Anderson, so he couldn't have been able to tell whether they touched or not.