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Less than 50 days until the 2011 Rangers Annual goes on sale

Yes, we're counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report...

But we're also counting down the days until the Maple Street Press 2011 Rangers Annual (edited by Adam J. Morris) goes on sale -- March 1, 2011, just 49 days from now.

128 pages of Rangers stuff, including (but not limited to):

Maury Brown's epic article on the Ranger sale and bankruptcy

Jason Parks analyzing why the Rangers' young catchers went bust

Josh Garoon's supernatural attempts to divine the fortunes of the 2011 Rangers pitching staff

A Q&A with Chuck Greenberg

Jason Cole's feature on the Rangers' three top pitching prospects

Brett Perryman's look back at the summer of 2007, and how that period laid the foundation for the 2010 World Series team

Christopher Fittz's 2010 Ranger season in review

And much, much more...

And remember, you can pre-order here for direct shipment...

Can you feel the excitement? I can!