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Jim Thome to the Minnesota Twins

According to a variety of folks on Twitter, Jim Thome has re-upped with the Minnesota Twins, supposedly for 1 year at $3 million.

The Rangers, of course, supposedly had been playing footsie with Thome, and I suspect were offering him something similar to what he signed with Minnesota for.

This will be perceived as a blow to Texas, since supposedly, Texas needed to sign Thome to be the team's DH because the team is too "righthanded" and this would make the team more lefthanded. 

However, most of Thome's ABs would have come at the expense of the lefthanded hitting Mitch Moreland, the lefthanded hitting David Murphy, or the lefthanded hitting Julio Borbon, so I'm not sure how adding Thome would have made the team more lefthanded.

And as I've mentioned before, given that all three of the above-named players are guys who you probably want to sit as much as possible against lefties, adding yet another part-time player to the mix who you'd sit against lefties -- and a part-time player who won't own a glove, to boot -- didn't make a lot of sense, to me.