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John Rhadigan, Rangers TV play-by-play man?

Barry Horn has a short item up at the DMN website, saying that he believes that John Rhadigan will be named the new television play-by-play man for the Texas Rangers.

If that's the case, I think it certainly sends a clear message that the Rangers' decision to make a change in the TV booth was more about getting rid of Josh Lewin than it was about getting a prominent broadcaster in place.

Rhadigan is a staple on Fox Sports Southwest, and I imagine he'd do a fine job as the play-by-play guy. However, given what the Rangers said when they decided to let Lewin go, he certainly is an odd choice. He doesn't have, as far as I know, a whole ton of experience doing TV play-by-play for baseball, and seems like he'd be a fairly generic guy in the booth.

But again, my guess is, the organization is looking for generic in filling that spot.

UPDATE -- Anthony Andro says two sources say Rhadigan is likely to get the job.