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Sullivan on the offseason and Chuck Greenberg quotes

T.R. Sullivan has a piece up on where things stand right now, as far as the Rangers' offseason goes, along with some quotes and comments from Chuck Greenberg about the organization being happy with where the team stands right now, but still being willing and able to make a move, should the opportunity arise.

The big focus, of course, continues to be on the last bench spot, which Sullivan says right now would likely go to either Craig Gentry or Chris Davis.  I don't see much point in Davis being on the 25 man roster, given that he'd be the third string first baseman and a lefty bench bat on a team where David Murphy is already the lefty bench bat.

The name that's out there right now that is intriguing to me is Scott Hairston.  Hairston is a righthanded hitter who has been a part-time player the last few seasons with the Padres and A's.  He can handle all three positions in the outfield, and isn't a bad hitter against lefthanded pitchers, which means that he's someone who could either play the outfield when there's a lefty starter on the mound for the other team (allowing Julio Borbon to sit), or who could DH against a lefty (with Michael Young moving to first base).

Not sure what Hairston is looking for, in terms of money or playing time (he may want to find a team that will give him a chance to start), but he's a name I'd keep an eye on right now.