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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

The Rangers exchanged arbitration figures with their arb-eligible guys yesterday, and Jeff Wilson writes that they are optimistic about getting everyone signed.

On my predictions, I was way low on Nelson Cruz and Darren O'Day, way high on Frank Francisco, but seemed to have nailed C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton -- the two players I thought were the toughest to evaluate.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Elvis Andrus is someone who could be a candidate for a multi-year deal this spring, along with some of the Rangers' arbitration-eligible players.

I mentioned grabbing Armando Galarraga as a possibility yesterday, after the news broke that Galarraga had been designated for assignment, but after going back and looking at his performance the past few seasons, I've cooled on him.  Evan Grant says there doesn't appear to be much interest on the part of the Rangers in getting Galarraga.