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The 2011 Rangers Annual: What do you get?

Having submitted the final piece for the Maple Street Press 2011 Rangers Annual, going on sale at bookstores and newsstands on March 1, 2011 (or available for pre-order here), I thought I'd go ahead and list the contributors to the annual along with the subjects they are writing about.

So...we have:

1)  AJM, previewing the 2011 Rangers team and profiling the players

2)  Christopher Fittz, looking at the 2010 season in review

3)  Rob Cook, on that pesky cleanup spot in the lineup

4)  Joey Matches, on the importance of the Rangers' defense

5)  AJM, on the Rangers baserunning

6)  Josh Garoon, reading the cards on what the 2011 season holds for the pitching staff

7)  AJM lists the 10 best pitching seasons in Rangers history

8)  Robbie Griffin examines Colby Lewis long, strange journey to awesomeness

9)  AJM does a Q&A with Chuck Greenberg

10)  Jason Parks looks at why the Rangers' three stud catching prospects ended up flopping

11)  Jeff Sullivan previews the rest of the A.L. West

12)  Adam Stellar gives us a glimpse of life as an MLB stringer

13)  Jason Cole profiles Michael Kirkman, Tanner Scheppers, and Martin Perez

14)  Jason Parks offers a lesson in Scouting 101

15)  Brett Perryman breaks down his top 20 Rangers prospects

16)  Ben does a top 10 coolest prospect names list

17)  Maury Brown has an epic piece on the saga of the Rangers sale and bankruptcy

18)  Brett Perryman looks back at the summer of 2007, and how that laid the groundwork for the 2010 Rangers to win the pennant

19)  AJM looks back at the missed opportunity that was the 1996 ALDS between Texas and New York

Holy crap...that's a lot of stuff.  128 pages worth of original content -- no advertising here.

And all for just $12.95?  That's what we call bang for your buck...