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An idle thought on Manny

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So the Rangers are apparently going hard after Manny Ramirez, even though he apparently wants to be an everyday player.

The assumption has been that if someone like Manny (or Jim Thome) were to be signed, then Mitch Moreland would lose out, and probably end up in AAA.

Or, alternatively, that Manny with be a bench bat, with Young and Moreland getting the majority of the playing time at DH and 1B.

However...just thinking out loud...

Is it possible that the Rangers would plan on making Manny the regular DH, with Moreland at first base, and move Michael Young to the bench?

That adding Manny would mean that Young would be the righthanded bench bat who would play first base against lefties and otherwise pinch hit?

Surely, on the heels of a World Series appearance, given everything the Rangers have said about Young and his leadership, presence, etc., Texas wouldn't marginalize Young in that fashion.

Would they?