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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

A flurry of moves yesterday that impact the Rangers...

Anthony Andro writes about Manny Ramirez signing with the Tampa Bay Rays, despite the Rangers' interest in him.  Jon Daniels is quoted as saying that they don't think Vladimir Guerrero is a fit, because Guerrero is looking to be a full-time player, and they are looking for someone who would accept a part-time role.   

Ken Rosenthal writes about the baffling decision by the Angels to take on the Vernon Wells contract, and the Rays' bringing in Johnny Damon and Ramirez to be their left fielder and designated hitter, respectively.  Rosenthal indicates that no one can believe the Angels agreed to take Wells, and points out that the Angels will be paying over $52 million in 2011 for three centerfielders -- Wells, Torii Hunter, and Gary Matthews Jr. -- and none of those three may end up playing center for Anaheim.

T.R. Sullivan indicates that the Rangers are still hunting for a righthanded bat, and that Ramirez getting an opportunity to have a more prominent role in the Rays lineup apparently was a factor in Manny signing with Tampa.

Jeff Wilson has a piece on Josh Hamilton, his recovery from pneumonia, and his contract situation.

At Fox Sports Southwest, Steve Hunt looks at Neftali Feliz and the possibility that he will become a starter.