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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

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Anthony Andro has a story about the Rangers' winter caravan, and the increased interest in the team among folks outside the Metroplex.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers should stop trying to deal Michael Young.  Grant suggests that there's been more tension between Young and the team this offseason that has been publicly reported, and says that there are those within the organization who would like to move him before his 10/5 rights vest.

Jennifer Floyd Engel says the Rangers shouldn't trade Michael Young, and also warns against fans dismissing what Ken Rosenthal has to say about the situation, saying that Rosenthal is tight with Jon Daniels.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on the Rangers signing Cuban defector Jose Ruiz, who was signed by Tampa last year and then released in November.

Texas has avoided arbitration with Mike Napoli, signing him to a one year, $5.8 million deal.