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Rob Neyer Leaving ESPN

Rob Neyer has a blog post up about Bo Jackson, and at the end of the post, announces that he is leaving ESPN.

No indication as to where he's going to end up, but I felt this was worthy of a post and comment.

I've been reading Neyer on ESPN basically since I first dipped my toe into the interwebs, back in 1996.  I grew up reading Bill James' stuff, and after James stopped doing the Baseball Abstracts, there wasn't really anywhere out there where I could read baseball material of a sabermetric bent.

Then I stumbled upon Neyer's work on ESPN's website, and it was an oasis in the middle of the sabermetric desert.  Neyer's column became my go to spot for baseball analysis, and among other things, was the first place I ever saw OPS used, back when it really was one of those new-fangled stats only propellerheads cared about.

So I'm sad to see him go, and wish him well on his next venture.