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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

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So, the big news today is that Michael Young says he's willing to change positions if the Rangers sign Adrian Beltre.

Evan Grant talks about Young's willingness to move here.

Richard Durrett talks about it here.

Jeff Wilson talks about it here, and references Young's +/- in illustrating his defensive issues.

T.R. Sullivan talks about it here, and says that Jon Daniels and Scott Boras resumed "serious" negotiations last night on a potential Adrian Beltre deal.

The signings of Brandon Webb and Arthur Rhodes were officially announced yesterday, and Webb says that having Dr. Keith Meister, who performed the surgery on his shoulder, in Texas was a factor in the decision to sign with Texas.

Grant says that the Rangers need to go into spring training expecting nothing from Brandon Webb, comparing Webb to Jason Jennings and Rich Harden.  While Jennings may be comparable, the Rangers signed Harden after a pair of seasons where he made 20+ starts per year and pitched very well in each season.  I don't think going into the 2010 season expecting Harden to contribute was unreasonable. 

Sullivan has a piece on the additions of Rhodes and Webb, and talks about the candidates for the rotation now that Webb has been added.