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Grant on potential implications of Beltre signing

Evan Grant has an item up looking at the possible implications of signing Adrian Beltre and moving Michael Young into a DH/utility role.

Grant mentions the possibility of Young playing shortstop 20 games a year, to spell Elvis Andrus, although that's something I'd be leery of're going to have to keep an Andres Blanco around as your utility infielder anyway, and the defensive liability Young would represent at shortstop doesn't seem to be worth playing him there instead of Blanco, particularly since the tradeoff would be getting David Murphy or Julio Borbon in the lineup, most likely.

Grant also talks about the possibility of Marcus Thames being pursued as a righthanded DH, which would let Young move to 1B in place of Mitch Moreland against lefties, or even putting Young at first base full time and using Moreland as a chip in a deal for someone like Matt Garza (a scenario that's been kicked around a fair bit, it seems).