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Grant with more details on the Adrian Beltre deal

Evan Grant is reporting that the Texas Rangers and Adrian Beltre "are on the brink of a deal" for Beltre to come to Texas.

Here's the important part:

Officially, the deal will be reported as a six-year deal worth $96 million, but the last year of the contract is voidable if Beltre doesn't reach certain plate appearance thresholds either in the fifth year or over the last two years. The first five years of the deal will be worth $80 million. The contract is set up similarly to the contract the Rangers did with Kevin Millwood, who, like Beltre, is represented by Scott Boras. While the deal is reported as a six-year contract, it offers the club protection against a traumatic injury or marked decline in performance.

And as I mentioned earlier, this likely will include deferred money to make the $80 million worth less than $80 million.

In any case, it looks like this is going to happen, and an official announcement should be coming this week.