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Details of the Adrian Beltre contract

Via Twitter, we are getting more and more info on the details of the contract Adrian Beltre has reportedly agreed to with the Texas Rangers.

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox News tweets that the deal is 6 years, $96 million, with the sixth year voidable.

Jon Heyman tweets that the sixth year is voidable if Beltre fails to meet certain plate appearance requirements in years 4 and 5 combined or in year 5.  This is basically the same way the Rangers structured their deal with Kevin Millwood, allowing them to void his deal if he failed to meet certain innings pitched requirements.

We still need to see if the sixth year is for a higher dollar amount than the first five years, or if all six years are at $16 million per.  We also still need to see if there is deferred money lowering the present value of the deal.

But the basic outline appears to be now public.