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Congratulations, Bert Blyleven and Robbie Alomar

Congratulations to former Ranger Bert Blyleven and to Roberto Alomar for their election into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Both are very worthy inductees.

SBN Denver has a complete breakdown of the balloting, which I'm linking rather than cutting-and-pasting, but among the noteworthy folks, former Rangers Juan Gonzalez and Rafael Palmeiro were the two candidates with the lowest percentages who survived the cut, at 5.2% and 11%, respectively.

Former Rangers Harold Baines and Kevin Brown did not get 5%, and will not be on the ballot anymore.

The Brown situation is disappointing...he's a guy who I think has a legitimate Hall case, and I think he's someone who we will look back on in ten years and, like, say, Lou Whitaker and Dwight Evans and Bobby Grich, wonder, "Should he have really fallen off the ballot that quickly?"

The lack of support for Tim Raines continues to baffle me.