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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

Much buzz about Adrian Beltre, new Texas Ranger, this morning.

Jeff Wilson writes that Beltre wanted to come to Texas because he wanted to play for a playoff contender.

T.R. Sullivan quotes Beltre as saying he wanted to come to Texas because "they are committed to winning."

Evan Grant writes at length about the sacrifice Michael Young made in agreeing to move to DH so the Rangers could sign Beltre.

Randy Galloway praises the signing of Beltre, and hints that the Rangers could be adding a DH shortly, with Young moving to first base.

Richard Durrett talks to Beltre about his "quirks."

T.R. Sullivan has a story about the Rangers' dramatically increased payroll, with quotes from Nolan Ryan about the financial commitment and the addition of Beltre.

Anthony Andro has some notes up, which include Ron Washington saying that he may move Ian Kinsler back to the leadoff spot.