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Rangers offer for Garza

Per T.R. Sullivan, the Rangers really wanted Matt Garza, and came close to getting him.

Sullivan quotes Peter Gammons as saying the Rangers' offer for Garza consisted of Derek Holland, Frankie Francisco, Engel Beltre, and Robinson Chirinos (who would apparently have been acquired from the Cubs by Texas in a separate deal, then sent to Tampa).

Tampa wanted Archer as part of the trade, though, and the Cubs finally coughed up Archer.  Absent that, it sounds like Garza would have been a Ranger.

That would have been a steep package to give up for Garza, and once again, the Rangers apparently were pursuing a deal that involved giving up Derek Holland, which continues to lead me to wonder how much confident the team really is in him right now, and whether it is that much of a given that Holland will start 2011 in the Ranger rotation.