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Theo Epstein "on the brink" of leaving Boston for the Cubs

The Boston Herald with a bombshell:

Two baseball sources have confirmed that Theo Epstein is on the cusp of leaving his job as general manager of the Red Sox [team stats] to accept a position with the Chicago Cubs that is believed to include powers greater than he has in Boston, with an announcement expected to be made "within the next 24 to 48 hours."

I've been largely ignoring the story about Epstein and the Cubs, because I assumed nothing would be happening there. But this report seems to indicate that it is going to happen, and that the hang up is over what Boston would receive as compensation from the Cubs for losing Epstein.

I have no idea who the Red Sox would end up targeting as a replacement for Epstein, if they'd go the young, Ivy League path again or head in a different direction and get a more experienced g.m. But if they are looking for the next Epstein, you have to be at least a little concerned about whether they'd come sniffing around on Thad Levine.