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Today's Third Outfielder -- A Poll

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Game 2 of the World Series features a matchup between Colby Lewis for the Texas Rangers and Jaime Garcia for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Garcia starting presents an interesting dynamic for the Rangers, who have had seven "regulars" among their position players this postseason, and a rotating cast of characters in the third outfield spot (either left field or center field, with Josh Hamilton playing the position that the mystery third outfielder doesn't play) and the DH position.

With no DH in the N.L. park, we are left with just open spot, the third outfielder. Jaime Garcia is a lefthander, and Craig Gentry has been starting against most lefties this postseason.

However, Garcia does have a pretty significant reverse split this season...with a very effective changeup, he's neutralized righthanded hitters, and lefties have actually hit better against him this season, although for his career righthanders have a slight edge.

So the poll question for today...who would you like to see the Rangers run out there today as their third outfielder?

Cast your vote below...