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Friday morning linkaliciousness

There's a lot of stuff out there today worth checking out, so rather than an entire front page full of FanShots, we're going to have a linkaliciousness post.

Incidentally, there's a lot more stuff I like reading after a win than after a loss.

Jeff Sullivan thinks that Elvis Andrus is awesome, and is underappreciated by a lot of baseball fans.

The Hardball Times marvels at how Ian Kinsler has become one of the most disciplined hitters in baseball in 2011.

Koji Uehara, left off the Rangers' postseason roster, has supposedly told people that he wants to return to Baltimore in 2012.  Since he's under contract for 2012, that would require a trade.

Joe Posnanski thinks that people should not lump pre-playoff-expansion performances in with post-playoff-expansion performances when taking about "postseason records," because for most of baseball history there was no "postseason," just the World Series.

Bob Dutton writes that Michael Young was almost traded, along with Hank Blalock and Laynce Nix, to the Royals for Carlos Beltran in the spring of 2003.