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Halloween Morning Rangers Update


Since it is now the offseason, the first thing we must do is ask questions and then spend months waiting to see if they are answered or not.

Anthony Andro has five questions for the Rangers as they approach this offseason attempting to improve a team that was already the best in franchise history.

Always a man of one-upmanship, T.R. Sullivan has eight questions for the Rangers this offseason.

Behind the DMN paywall, Kevin Sherrington thinks the Rangers shouldn't worry about offense and should instead focus on signing Yu Darvish or Roy Oswalt.

Louie Horvath writes about Derek Holland putting his breakout season into perspective even while the ending for the team was bitter.

Buster Olney writes an article that's full of knife-twisting badness. But that's not why I'm linking it. Do yourself a favor and just scroll on down about halfway and there's a note about the Rangers potentially being a fit for Grady Sizemore should he be moved. I guess it really is the offseason.

Gerry Fraley reports on the Rangers officially no longer holding the rights to C.J. Wilson as he enters free agency and on the Rangers intending to pick up Colby Lewis' 2012 option.

Finally, I hope everyone is all packed up and ready because it's time to move to our winter vacation home.