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Rangers/Rays ALDS Game 4 -- Pregame discussion thread

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You know how we talk about how anything can happen in a short series?  Last night is Exhibit "A" in that argument.  Either team could have won last night's game, with the differences being a key at bat here and there, a key pitch made or not made.  

The cliche is that baseball is a game of inches, and there are a lot of games each season that can break either way.  When two closely-matched teams -- like Texas and Tampa -- face each other, advancing or falling short oftentimes is a matter of inches, a matter of a key play or two.  

That's why we talk about how, even if you don't have the strongest team, you want to get to the postseason, because anything can happen.  And that's why the postseason is such a crapshoot.

Anyway...we have Matt Harrison squaring off against Jeremy Hellickson today.  The Rangers lineup will be:

Kinsler -- 2B

Andrus -- SS

Hamilton -- CF

Young -- DH

Beltre -- 3B

Napoli -- C

Cruz -- RF

Murphy -- LF

Moreland -- 1B