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ALCS Poll II: The Legend of Harridge's Gold -- Detroit or New York?

It's good to advance
It's good to advance

Yesterday we voted on whether or not we wanted to see the Rangers face the Tigers or Yankees. Today, we will vote on who we think will actually win Game 5. It is a subtle difference, but it is an important one.

The Yankees will have Ivan Nova on the mound at Yankee Stadium. The Tigers will counter with midseason acquisition Doug Fister. The Yankees have said it is all hands on deck for their pitching staff, including CC Sabathia. The Tigers have said that everyone except Justin Verlander will be available.

Ivan Nova

#47 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Jan 12, 1987

Doug Fister

#58 / Pitcher / Detroit Tigers





Feb 04, 1984

Interestingly enough, AccuScore has this game at a 50-50 toss-up. That might be the first time I've ever seen that.

Make your prediction. Which way does the coin land?