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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

ALCS Game 1 kicks off tonight.  C.J. Wilson versus Justin Verlander.  Texas needs to take four of seven to make it back to the World Series.

Crazy, huh?

Jeff Wilson looks at the Game 1 matchup of Wilson v. Verlander.

Wilson also runs down a comparison of the teams, position by position.

The DMN also takes a look at each of the teams and the matchups between them.

Anthony Andro says that Adrian Beltre's impact on the Rangers has gone beyond just what he's done with the bat and the glove.

Behind the paywall at the DMN, Brad Townsend has the "inside story" on how the Rangers landed Adrian Beltre.

Randy Galloway says that nothing is acceptable from the Rangers except winning the World Series.

Sullivan's notes talk about the Rangers sticking with their regular lineup, the way the rotation is setup up for the postseason, and wanting to keep Jose Valverde from being a factor in the series.