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MLB to Rangers and Tigers fans: Drop Dead

It was very irritating to land at IAH this afternoon, check my phone, and see that MLB had pre-emptively canceled tonight's ALCS Game 2 because of the threat of rain.

It is even more irritating to now see reports on Twitter that there's no rain in Arlington, and that it appears that the game could have been played this evening.

Instead, we'll get a mid-day game tomorrow, that I will probably have to miss half of, that a lot of Rangers and Tigers fans will probably not get to watch because of the timing of the game, and that will probably be played in front of a less-than-capacity crowd because MLB decided it didn't want Fox to be inconvenienced this evening.

The people I really feel bad about, though, are the folks who bought tickets for Sunday's game, spent a lot of money, planned on going out to see a weekend game, and now are going to get screwed because the game they were planning on seeing on Sunday got moved, prematurely, to Monday afternoon, when they won't be able to go.  People who came in from out of town, who now have useless tickets they won't be able to use, and likely won't be able to sell, because Bud Selig didn't want to run the risk of there maybe being a rain delay this evening.

So those fans get screwed.  But what else is new?  This is Bud Selig's MLB.  Selig and MLB don't care about the fans.  If they did, we wouldn't have these asinine blackout rules or playoff games starting at noon on a Tuesday.  Selig cares about extorting publicly financed stadiums from municipalities, squeezing every last penny from the media deals (even if it means that fans can't watch their teams play), and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that owners are guaranteed a good investment on their team.  That's what matters...the fans can go Showalter off.