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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

November 1.  We're in offseason mode.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers' focus this offseason is primarily going to be on keeping the core in place, and mentions Mike Napoli, Josh Hamilton, and Ian Kinsler as players who can be free agents after 2012.

I wouldn't personally include Kinsler in that group, since he has a team option for 2013 at $10 million that is almost certain to be exercised, but nevertheless, it wouldn't surprise me if Kinsler or Napoli end up signing extensions this offseason.  It would surprise me if Hamilton this point, I expect 2012 to be Hamilton's last season in Texas.

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant writes that the Rangers have some big decisions looming.

Richard Durrett looks at a huge question this offseason -- do the Rangers want to bring C.J. Wilson back?  At this point, I'm guessing he's gone, but we shall see.

The S-T's notes talk about Colby Lewis having his option picked up, the team inviting the entire coaching staff back for 2012, and Mitch Moreland's wrist tendinitis.  The piece seems to indicate that Moreland's wrist problem is being taken into account when the team is judging his play this year, which would seem to suggest they're leaning towards handing him the first base job for 2012 and seeing what he does if he's healthy for a full season.

T.R. Sullivan's article at the Rangers website also talks about Moreland, saying the team is committed to him as their first baseman next season, and the possibility of signing guys to extensions and moving Neftali Feliz to the rotation.