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Adrian Beltre, 2011 A.L. Gold Glove Winner at Third Base

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Adrian Beltre has won the 2011 Gold Glove as the best defensive third baseman in the American League.

Adrian Beltre

#29 / Third Base / Texas Rangers





Apr 07, 1979

Beltre was named a finalist, along with Tampa's Evan Longoria and Boston's Kevin Youkilis.  The stats suggested that Beltre and Longoria were the best choices, and while I think Longoria would have been a defensible choice, Beltre is the guy I thought should win.  

Watching Beltre play third base has been a revelation this year.  Beltre does a better job making plays on balls he has to charge than just about any other player I've ever seen play the position.  

The other Ranger player who was a finalist for a Gold Glove was Ian Kinsler, who was in the mix with Dustin Pedroia and Robinson Cano.  Pedroia won.