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Friday morning Rangers things

The S-T notes say Josh Hamilton may be undergoing surgery and has a quote from Nolan Ryan saying that Mitch Moreland will be the team's first baseman in 2012.

Richard Durrett continues his "Dazzling Dozen" series with a look at the June walk-off win against the Astros, when Mitch Moreland hit a home run to end the game right before lightning and rain took over.

Ryan Jones continues his series of questions the Rangers have to address this offseason by asking what players the Rangers should lock up long-term.  There is a poll asking what Ranger player is most important to re-sign, with 8 different options, including Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, Mike Napoli, and Elvis Andrus, but the player getting the most votes (almost half of the total) is Derek Holland, which seems weird to me.

Bob Simpson says the Rangers' plan is to have payroll at the $140-150 million mark by 2015, although that will require the team to generate a significant increase in revenue.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers could have interest in some of the international free agents this offseason.