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Sullivan: Rangers remain "in contact" with Wilson

T.R. Sullivan has a story up on the Rangers website about the Rangers and C.J. Wilson, with Jon Daniels saying that the Rangers would like to have him back and that the team has "remained in contact" with Wilson since he became a free agent.

What is particularly noteworthy/worrisome about this article is that Sullivan states flatly that, if Wilson returns or the Rangers acquire another starting pitcher, Neftali Feliz will remain in the bullpen as the closer.  I've been working under the assumption that the Rangers are going to make a decision this winter on whether Feliz should be given a shot at the rotation or stay at closer based on what they think his long-term future holds, but Sullivan is saying it is going to be dependent on the Rangers' roster.

There's also discussion of how, if Feliz moves to the rotation, the Rangers have to go get a big dollar free agent closer, and also a look at some other free agent starting pitcher options and some trade candidates, if the Rangers don't bring Wilson back.