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Grady Sizemore re-signs with the Cleveland Indians

Jon Heyman says Grady Sizemore has agreed to a one year deal to return to the Cleveland Indians for $5 million, plus another $4 million in incentives.

There was talk at various times this offseason about the Rangers having interest in Sizemore, but I never saw him as a good fit for Texas.  Texas already has a couple of outfielders in Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz who have trouble staying healthy, so adding Sizemore to the mix would be problematic.  There's also a question about whether he can physically handle centerfield, which would make him, like David Murphy, a lefty-hitting fourth outfielder limited to the corner outfield positions.

And of course, beyond that, he's been terrible the past two seasons.  Sizemore had a 560 OPS in 2010 and a 707 OPS in 2011.  A few years ago he was one of the best players in baseball.  If he was still that guy, someone who could be an All Star caliber centerfielder, he'd be a great fit.

He's not that guy any more, though.  He's a corner outfielder who has issues staying healthy and who is hoping to rebound after two awful years with the bat.  And he's someone who would make sense for a lot of teams, including Cleveland...just not Texas...