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Happy birthday, Tommy Dunbar

Happy birthday to former Ranger outfielder Tommy Dunbar. Dunbar, who passed away earlier this year, would have been 52 today.

Dunbar was a first round pick of the Rangers in the secondary phase of the January 1980 draft. Dunbar put himself on the map by winning the AA batting title with Tulsa in 1982 while putting up a .323/.419/.540 line. After struggling in 1983 at Oklahoma City, Dunbar had another big year in the minors in 1984, hitting .337/.417/.519.

Dunbar's minor league batting prowess never really translated to the majors, however. Dunbar appeared in 91 games for the Rangers between 1983 and 1985, posting a .231/.305/.298 line. Although Dunbar continued playing in the minors through 1991, he didn't appear in the majors again after the 1985 season.