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11/03/11 Morning Links - #OccupyLSB

I now control the means of production, bitches.

Anthony Andro has a story on Darren O'Day being lost on waivers to the Orioles.  We'll miss you, Darren.  I'll order a Gabbard jersey in your honor.  He also has a story on Adrian Beltre's gold glove.

Matt Mosley has a piece on off-season acquisitions, saying the focus remains on pitching but the Rangers may look at Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols.

The DMN has some excerpts from an interview CJ Wilson did with Ben and Skin saying that if money was the only thing motivating him, there are other things he could do with his time.  I suppose this includes script writing, car racing, DJ'ing, and pitching like crap in the playoffs.  There's also this one where he says he was "just so angry" after Game 6.  Contrast that with with this post-Game 7 interview with Gordo from The Ticket.  Oh, well.  CJ was really good this season but he's still kind of irritating sometimes.

Here's Joey Matches on Warsh and his in-game management.

Also, I wrote a guest post for Big League Stew on the Rangers' World Series loss.