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C.J. Wilson, Michael Young named Rangers Pitcher, Player of the Year

Per John Blake on Twitter, the Rangers have announced that C.J. Wilson has been named the Texas Rangers' Pitcher of the Year for 2011, and that Michael Young has been named the Texas Rangers' Player of the Year for 2011.

Wilson was the obvious choice for the pitcher of the year, as he had pretty clearly the best season of any Ranger pitcher in 2011.

Michael Young as player of the year is not really unexpected, and Young did have a very good season in 2011. I do think it is really difficult, though, to reasonably claim that he had a better season than Ian Kinsler, unless you weigh off the field leadership and intangibles to the extent that they carry as much weight as, if not more weight than, on the field performance, and I'm a little disappointed that Kinsler didn't win the award.

That said, if you look at the Rangers, there were seven position players -- Young, Kinsler, Adrian Beltre, Mike Napoli, Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Elvis Andrus -- who had quality 2011 campaigns, and that across-the-board solid production was a big part of why the Rangers were able to win 96 games and advance to the World Series.