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Thad Levine won't interview with the Astros

Per T.R. Sullivan, Thad Levine has released a statement saying that he has decided not to interview with the Houston Astros for their vacant general manager job, and has decided to forego pursuing other opportunities and instead will stay within the organization.

Pretty surprising announcement...Levine had been granted permission to interview with the Astros, and had been mentioned as a while as a prominent candidate for the Houston g.m. job.

Levine was also being considered as a replacement for Scott Servais as the Rangers' Director of Player Development, and while that seemingly would be a lateral move, part of the appeal for him would be getting to manage a department, and thus enhance his resume and future marketability.

I can't help but wonder if this announcement is due to the fact that the Rangers are giving Levine the position he wants in the Rangers' organization, along with a nice raise, and Levine is going to stay here for the time being to enhance his profile and better position himself for a move to a team that is better situated than the Astros.