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Ron Washington's Game 7 Pre-Game Speech

Getty Images


I debated about whether or not to post this.  Primarily because it was recorded by someone and leaked, which I find distasteful...I almost didn't post it because of that.  I finally decided it was going to circulate anyway, and linked here by someone in a FanPost or FanShot, so I might as well link it.


But I also hesitated because it brings back up memories of Game 6 and Game 7, and those games still hurt.  It feels a lot different to hear this now than it would have been if we'd won Game 7.


That said...I also think it helps illustrate why Ron Washington inspires the love and respect he does.  It is primarily him (and it is very NSFW -- Eddie Murphy would blush at some of this) along with Michael Young saying some things before the game.  And in listening to this, I thought once again that I love Wash and, for all the things I disagree with him on, love having him as our manager.

You can hear it here.