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Yuesday Morning Rangers Update

DShep made this movie poster parody pun joke
DShep made this movie poster parody pun joke

Since that dark day when our homegrown C.J. Wilson signed with the rival team, and took the best hitter we might have personally witnessed in Albert Pujols with him, the talk from every pundit, local or otherwise, was about how the Rangers perhaps didn't have the funds to strike back. A true warning shot from Anaheim would just have to be suffered as it appeared suddenly too expensive to muster a riposte.

It wasn't just unfounded worry that fueled our suspicions. We heard from local writers about how the Rangers were going to focus on internal extensions instead of having their hand forced to make a big splash. We heard from national writers about how the Rangers might have less cash flow than everyone in baseball was expecting.

Upon the day all bids were due for Yu Darvish -- a talent scouted heavily by the Rangers and a long-rumored Plan A target -- we even heard that the team might not place a bid altogether lest they have to find the cash to pay for the postage.

Guess what? The Rangers lie. The Rangers sandbag. The Rangers smokescreen. The Rangers deceive. Sometimes the Rangers even monetarily do what it takes to get the guy they want. And, if Darvish pitches in Major Leagues in 2011,--Surprise!--it will be as a Texas Ranger.

All about Yu:

National articles-

Jeff Passan broke the news that the Rangers had won the bidding. And you're getting this whole paragraph from him because man am I impressed with how the front office handled this:

This is a bonanza signing for the Rangers, a stunning rejoinder to the Los Angeles Angels' $331.5 million Albert Pujols-C.J. Wilson perfecta. Just when the two-time defending American League champions looked vulnerable, they sandbagged their way into the posting auction, let the world believe the Toronto Blue Jays had placed the high figure on Darvish and ended the process having spent more money than on any previous posting by about $600,000.

Local pieces-

Blog updates-


Oh man, just watch this seven minute video of Yu Darvish highlights. Watch it all.