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Little Known Yu Darvish Fact

See this picture at right?

Jeff Sullivan has a post up at Baseball Nation in which he examines various photos that come up when you type "baseball" into the photo editor search function. Why?

It was either this or a post about how the Cardinals could replace Albert Pujols with a healthy Adam Wainwright.

So anyway...he has the photo at right up, with the following comment:

It's interesting that the Nippon-Ham Fighters appear to have a baseball for a logo.

"Appear" being the key word, because Jeff is wrong. That's not a logo. That is Yu Darvish's aura, which has been captured by this photograph.

That's right. Yu Darvish's aura is a baseball, with sun-like rays shooting out of it. And in this photo, his aura does say "Nippon Ham Fighters," but my secret Cincinnati sources are telling me that if you photograph Darvish right now, his aura has already blended over to "Texas Rangers." It may also include Ranger Captain swinging a bat at the upper left, but I couldn't get confirmation on that.

So that's today's little known Yu Darvish fact. The more you know...