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Boston acquires Andrew Bailey from Oakland

Boston has reportedly acquired reliever Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney from the Oakland A's in a deal that is sending right fielder Josh Reddick, third baseman Miles Head, and pitcher Raul Alcantera to the Athletics.

The Rangers have supposedly been hot and heavy after Bailey since last summer, and Buster Olney had said earlier today that either Texas or Boston would likely end up with the Oakland closer.

Reddick is 24 years old, and posted a .280/.327/.457 line with Boston in 278 plate appearances last year, splitting the season between the majors and AAA Pawtucket. He was the #75 prospect in baseball according to Baseball America prior to the 2010 season.

Head turns 21 in May, and mashed in the South Atlantic League in 66 games last season, posting a 1022 OPS, but struggled in the Carolina League. He was an above-slot signing by the BoSox in 2009, getting third round money despite sliding to the 26th round, and BA had him as the #20 prospect in the Sally League in 2011.

Alcantara appears to be the real prize of this deal for Oakland. The #6 prospect in the Gulf Coast League in 2011 per BA, Alcantara is 19 years old, righthanded, throws hard, is considered "projectable," and BA says some scouts project his curveball as a potential plus offering.

If you're looking for a comparable package, think Mitch Moreland, Jake Skole, and David Perez (although the Boston package is better than that).