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Buehrle, Marlins reportedly agree on 4 year, $58 million deal

Proving once again that there's nothing like white trash with money to spend, the Miami Marlins have reportedly agreed to a four year, $58 million deal with free agent lefty Mark Buehrle.

Most reports indicated that Buehrle was likely looking at a 3 year deal at $36-39 million per year. The Marlins tacked another year on there along, with another $1.5 million in annual average value over the high end of that range.

While the initial reaction was that that took the Marlins out of the running for C.J. Wilson, reports on Twitter are indicating that the Marlins say that they are still in on C.J. They supposedly had a six year offer on the table at one point, although it isn't clear whether this deal with Buehrle will result in them reducing the offer to Wilson.

If Wilson doesn't go to the Marlins, he's expected to end up signing a deal with the Angels.