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Sullivan: Michael Young trade not likely

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T.R. Sullivan has a blog post up, in which he says that it is looking unlikely that Michael Young is going to be traded.  Sullivan quotes a source as saying there is a "high probability" that Young will be with the Rangers for 2011.

I don't see that as a real surprise.  The problem with demanding a trade when you are being paid more than you are worth is that you are asking your employer to pay another team to take you, and not really get anything in return.  The Ranger front office seems to be taking the position that they'll try to accommodate Young, but won't eat a lot of his contract and won't settle for getting nothing back.

The Angels and Vernon Wells have shown you can never say never, but there isn't a team that is out there that looks like it would be able to take Young's contract and absorb most of the amount due, much less give up players for the privilege.  Young's best hope of getting dealt is probably for Robinson Cano or Alex Rodriguez to blow out a knee in spring training, putting the Yankees in a position where they need to acquire an infielder to fill in for the season.

At this point, though, expect to see Young report for spring training, not be happy about it, say the right things, and everyone move forward through the 2011 season.