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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

The end of the offseason is dragging, dragging...

T.R. Sullivan looks at the candidates for the Ranger rotation, and Neftali Feliz's opportunity to be a starting pitcher this year.

Jennifer Floyd Engel defends Michael Young and says he's been "jerked around" and owed a thank you by the Rangers and their fans for having signed that 5 year, $80 million contract in 2007.

Chuck Greenberg was asked about the Michael Young situation last night at the TCU First Pitch banquet.

Jayson Stark has an article about the offseason and questions for this spring that includes several Rangers-related topics.  Stark also suggests that Sandy Alderson, a Harvard Law grad with over six decades on the planet, had never heard of a Ponzi scheme before he became the Mets' g.m., which seems unrealistic to me.