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Thursday Morning Rangers Update

Day one of Spring Training is in the books.

Richard Durrett has a handy recap of the events of the first day of training up. I'll give you a hint: Baseball

Apparently Tanner Scheppers is in camp being stretched out to start, according to Anthony Andro. I don't see much of a chance of Scheppers breaking camp in the rotation, and if Feliz or Ogando make the rotation, there's a chance Scheppers would make the team in the bullpen so it will be interesting to see how long he starts.

WOOP WOOP WOOP! BEST SHAPE OF LIFE ALERT! (courtesy of Anthony Andro and Colby Lewis' newly found desire to soar like an eagle)

C.J. Wilson talks to T.R. Sullivan about how he has no plans to Albert Pujols things this spring.

Evan Grant has his first Opening Day roster prediction of the Spring up. His biggest surprise is Michael Kirkman making the rotation with Derek Holland starting the year in the bullpen.

Randy Galloway says forget all of the distractions from the Michael Young story, the real story of this Rangers camp is of starting pitching. What else is new?

Grant however writes that the Michael Young ordeal could in fact jeopardize the whole camp throwing the team into a perpetual shame spiral machine of broken dreams and desperation.

If those last two articles weren't painful enough in context for you, Kevin Sherrington rips at the remaining scab from the wound Cliff Lee left on our hearts.