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Monday evening linkaliciousness

Check the vibe, check the vibe...cuz its Lucas with the lid off...

Evan Grant says Rangers hitters were impressed with Neftali Feliz's secondary offerings in batting practice today.

Richard Durrett did a chat session that was all about the Rangers...

David Pinto has five year data for his Probabilistic Model of Range up for shortstops, and over the past five years, Elvis Andrus has been the third best shortstop among those with at least 5000 balls in play, finishing behind only Brendan Ryan and Yunel EscobarMichael Young comes it at slightly above average, and Derek Jeter is dead last.

Charlie Sheen reportedly got married, and among the guests who supposedly were there include Lenny Dykstra, Pete Rose, and Brian Wilson (the pitcher, not the singer).  Quite the collection of upstanding citizens...

Hank Steinbrenner is tired of having to subsidize other teams, and thinks the Yankees, Red Sox, and a few other teams should get to stomp on the rest of the league.  And he says Bud Selig, former small-market owner and long time friend to small and mid-market teams, is ready to do something to help level the playing field so life is more fair for the Yankees and Red Sox.

He also claims socialism and communism isn't the answer in baseball, which he can obviously say now, after getting hundreds of millions in public financing for the new Yankee Stadium.

Rob Neyer says the question of who the best left fielder of the Teens will be comes down to Josh Hamilton vs. Carl Crawford.